FG License: Ultimate
Time Zone: EST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly, Sunday-Monday, Wed-Fri. 9pm-11pm EST Start Time.
Term: Long Term
Voice: I can use any voice chat. Prefer discord.

Game System Preferred: PFRPG, 5e
Game System Experience: Pathfinder, 3.5, 4th edition, Fate, 7th Sea, 5th Edition
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I can build a character, have a strong understanding of the workings of the combat system from the player side. I can import modules and resources and build basic effects like power attack or smite. I could probably help newer players out with stuff.

Character Type Preferred: I've played most of the basic classes in 3.5/pathfinder and 5th edition so I tend to prefer things I haven't played before. Other than that preference I'm flexible and can work with the rest of the players to construct a reasonable party.

About me: I enjoy all aspects of the pen and paper RPG. I love roleplaying and tend to get into my characters. I like challenging campaigns and don't mind if my character dies, however I also think GMs should do their best to avoid TPK situations coming up too often. I'm hoping to find a consistent group that won't fall apart because the last few tries at this my campaigns haven't made it past level 4 and I think it would be really fun to play at levels higher than 4. My longest running campaign we reached level 14 or so and that was great but it was years ago. I'm really flexible, I'm easy-going and get along well with others. I just want to play some Pathfinder or D&D (I am open to other systems though). I just want a group that will work out. Seriously, my last three games had GMs do two to three sessions and then quit for various reasons.