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    problem with chat not showing up

    I am trying to roll My character up using the 4d6 option and I have tried nearly everything I know to bring the chat box up . I know it probly is something very easy , So shoot Me now . I will wear the smiteworks duncecap for a week if someone tells Me how to bring it up . thanks for any replies .
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    Sorry? I'm not quite sure I follow you here. If you mean that your chatbox has been covered by the character sheet or some other type of frame within FG, then the answer is: You can't, you need to either minimize the other frames or move them so that they don't obstruct the chatbox anymore.
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    when I

    When I try to roll up a character using the Create and view local characters the chat box doesnt show only the d20 system book, character tab ,colors tab, the portraits tab , and the dice show . No chat window whatsoever . the main reason I want the chat window to show is for showing totals of the 4d6 dice .It sure would be usefull if the fg kept track of the totals , oh well . I guess it could be slowly worked around or use the gm part to make characters , I choose the later Myself , since I hate slow workarounds.
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    Ah, right. The chatbox is not available in local mode, so there is no way to make it appear. Start FG as GM, as you suggests - I think that's the best solution.
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