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    D&D Beyond support added to NPC Engineer

    Hi folks

    I have added the ability to import information about NPCs from D&D Beyond website to my program NPC Engineer (link in my sig) All it takes is copy-paste....
    I have tested it with around a dozen of the critters, so would be happy to hear about any other testing that people can do. I have only tested one homebrew NPC so far, so would like to hear more about those.

    Thank you, and I hope this piques some interest

    Engineer Suite
    Import, build or edit NPCs/spells/equipment and then parse them directly into a Fantasy Grounds module.

    Download the latest version from the website.
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    Chat directly about issues or suggest features on the
    Discord channel.
    Post issues on the issue tracker on Github.

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    This is awesome!!!
    I will try it asap. Hope you will extend this to the PC too.

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    I tried the new update and functionality of the import from html and it worked great!

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