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    Looking to do some small editing of the 5e ruleset

    So as the title says, I'm looking to do just some small editing of the D&D 5e ruleset.

    - Change a few of the stats names on the char sheet
    - Change the way the stat modifiers are calculated (Example, get a +1 modifier every 5 stat points instead of 2)

    The way I understand it, 5e is a layered rule set on top of the CoreRPG rule set. I've read Notepad ++ will work for this so that's what I will be using. My question is where exactly is the location of the 5e layered rule set so I can extract the files and beginning digging through them. Another question is, should I just create an extension if I'm only making a few small changes? Appreciate everyone feedback,


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    If the changes you want to do can be done in an extension, then I would just do that. I would also layer it on the 5E ruleset, so as improvements are made to 5E, you will inherit those.

    The 5E ruleset is located in <FG Data>\rulesets\5e.pak

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    I'm not sure I would call those 'small' changes. However if you are going to do this then an extension is the way to go, otherwise your ruleset will get overwritten whenever there is an update to it. Additionally, and worse, is if you have an unpacked ruleset in your rulesets folder it will overwrite any updates and you won't benefit from the updates.
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    If you are planning on editing to support a new game system (i.e. More changes coming), I would make a copy of the 5E ruleset, rename it, and begin slowly working through the changes you want to make.

    If you are only looking to make a handful of changes for a custom 5E game, like the ones you mentioned; I would create an extension as the others suggested.

    Make sure to check out the development guide in the wiki.


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    Thanks for the advice everyone. This will turn into it's own game system further down the road but for now I can do a lot of the rules and such just fine in the D&D 5e rule set (aside from a few changes). I have looked at the dev guide along with other resources and will fully dive into them soon. I just wanted to make sure I start out on the right foot. Thanks again!

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    Info on modifying the 3.5E ruleset here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...-PFRPG-ruleset. It is 99% relevant to 5E, wherever you see 3.5E replace it with 5E.
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    I dove in for a few hours and was able to make some of the changes I wanted.

    - Changing the stats modifier to give a +1 after every 4 stat points
    - Changing the stat names
    - Adding and removing from skills
    - Renaming a few other misc. stuff

    Now I'm looking at doing two other, a bit more complicated things.

    (A) Linking a skill with an attack for at the moment is just looks like stats are linked to them
    (B) Adding another whole armor class that's called something else. Attacking with a specific tag, lets say "magic" attacks will target that AC instead of the normal one.

    If anyone has any thoughts or experience doing either of the above two I would appreciate the input. I'll be digging into it more tonight.

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