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    problem with Base attack bonus for additional attacks

    I'm using pathfinder rules and I'm running into an issue with the base attack during character creation. When a fighter gains the second attack for a full round action the base attack bonus wont let me enter the second base attack in the combat tab. Is there another location for this? How do you enter the second base attack bonus so it is recognized by fantasy grounds?

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    You need to add a Weapon to the inventory tab and it should add the action on the action tab .
    Then the #ATT can be adjusted to two, giving you two attacks with that weapon.

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    As mentioned by madman this is all handled in the weapon section.

    The PC Base Attack doesn't change because they have multiple attacks, their Base Attack Bonus (BAB) is always a single bonus. Any additional attacks are done at -5 from the BAB per additional attack. Fantasy Grounds handles this automatically in specific weapon entries when the #ATT field is above 1.
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