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    LFG 1 Player LF Weeknight Game Mon Wed or Thur EST US 5E

    FG License: Paid standard
    Time Zone: US EST
    Frequency: Mon, Wed, Thur availability *Edit to add times: 6PM-12PM range works, may be able to work a little outside those parameters
    Term: Prefer long term, but really looking to get my feet wet and will do any
    Voice: Decades of voice experience online, will use any mainstream software

    Game System Preferred: 5E
    Game System Experience: Pathfinder
    FG XP: None, newbie, green; currently watching tutorial videos

    Character Type Preferred: historically lean cleric, but will play any toon
    About Me: I grew up on the old SSI gold box 2E games, as there was no one nearby to tabletop with. The last year or so Ive spent playing Pathfinder online via D20Pro and a small group of folks. The group is splitting up due to RL time constraints, and I wanted to use this opportunity to try out 5E and FG. The Pathfinder group I mentioned used in/out of character voice chat during play, and I'm not married to either. Im an IT geek by trade, so learning the software shouldnt be a chore, but I am green to FG so please take this into consideration. My southern accent will throw the group off upon first voice chat
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    Still actively seeking games.

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