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    Is there any Alternity around?

    Just wondering if there is an Alternity ruleset somewhere. In some of the extension threads there was mention of an Alternity ruleset - but I can't find any links anywhere...

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    Nope, no Alternity Ruleset.

    It is on my (looooonng) list to do, but I haven't even looked at starting it yet.

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    I'd be tempted to have a go at ruleset design myself. I've played around with modifying Core a few times over the years, and a bigger project might be fun. My only concern is the legality. I can't find a post on here about copyrighted materials vs fantasy grounds. Would I have to contact someone to get permission to do a free Alternity ruleset, or is it the sort of thing I could only create for my own personal use?

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    I'd say contact the guys at https://www.sasquatchgamestudio.com/ as they are releasing a new edition of Alternity and that would probably be the easier one to overcome any legal issues with.

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    We aren't legal experts, so you should definitely research yourself. And there are other threads on the forum about this topic that are more in depth and that others may be able to point to. (Hard to link, since I'm traveling and on a phone. )

    My personal understanding is that mechanics are not copyrighted, but content is. So, you could make a ruleset with all the sheets and all the rules automation, but you can't include any actual data or rulebook material. Users have to enter tnheir own data.


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