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    Elder scroll D and D game [central time] [online]

    We currently have 3 people and are looking for 1 more, I am newer to DM'ing, so I will make some mistakes. Be chill and be ready to have some fun. This will be somewhat homebrew, so if you want to be a specific thing just ask and I will provide as best I can.

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    What day and times?

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    Sunday at 8pm central ,7pm mountain time, 6pm pacific, 8pm eastern.

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    what game system are you using?

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    Dang. I'd love to join, but can't get free till between 9:30 pm and 10 pm CST on Sundays.

    At least not till Game of Thrones is over, but then Walking Dead will take it's place not long after, lol.

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    Game System, Player Content, more details on Elder Scroll setting?

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