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    how to split content over more than one xml file


    is it possible to split the content within the common / client xml file other more than just these two files?

    accounting to the xml code it must be possible, but I am not sure, if this is a reference link to an other modul.

    <librarylink type="windowreference">
    <recordname>reference.racedata@Rolemaster Companion I</recordname> <-- can I refer after the @ character to an other file within my modul?
    <name type="string">RMC I Race Abilities</name>

    thanks for any support

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    The snippet that you have posted is the library part of the db.xml or common.xml (client.xml should no longer exists in most cases). What is shown here are links to the data within the module itself and those are the links that appear in the library when the module is opened. So in the case above when you open that module and look at the library it will show the race data for Rolemaster. You can't have links in there to another module if that is your question; but you can link elsewhere in the module to data in another module.
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    The name after the @ sign is the name of a module, which needs to be open to be able to access that data. The link may point to the same module or it can refer to data from another module. The module name could even be a wildcard, i.e. @* which would mean FG will try to match the link in all valid open modules, displaying the first set of data it matches.

    You can't have different files within a module and choose which files you access.
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    Thank you for the answer.

    I will put all my stuff in one file.


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