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    (LFP 4-5) --[D&D 5e]-- Lost Mine of Phandelver (Newbie Campaign) for No-Lifes

    General facts

    FG License: Ultimate (you can join with the Demo License)
    Game System: D&D 5th Edition
    Campaign: Lost Mine of Phandelver within the Forgotten Realms setting. Level Range: 1-5
    Language: English

    Time Zone: GMT +2
    Day of week and time: Any day at 7-8pm. We will coordinate with the Game Calender Voting. I suggest the date, you players vote and we play.
    If new game, planned start date: Starting from scratch, as soon as possible.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Planning to hold 2-3 Sessions on a weekly basis, if possible. The duration is a minimum of 3 hours and drags on until the first one drops out. Depending on the frequency of sessions, we'd take somewhere around a month to finish.
    Term: For the duration of the module hopefully. My time is limited, so if you want to finish the campaign you'd better be flexible enough to play 2-3 times a week.

    Text or Voice: Text Only
    Voice software used: None

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Quite balanced with plenty incentives for players to get into roleplay.
    Number of Players in game & needed: None ingame. Need 3-5 players.
    Character starting level & equipment: Starting at Lvl 1. Most basic adventurer gear.
    Character restrictions: PHB + Sword Coast Adventures - No UA or other extensive rulesets.

    Details of your scenario:
    Meet Me in Phandalin.
    The characters are in the city of Neverwinter when their dwarf patron and friend, Gundren Rockseeker, hires them to escort a wagon to Phandalin. Gundren has gone ahead with a warrior, Sildar Haliwinter, to attend to business in the town while the characters follow with the supplies. The characters will be paid 10 gp each by the owner of Barthen's Provisions in Phandalin when they deliver the wagon safely to that trading post.

    Notice: Hello everybody. I am looking for 4-5 complete beginners who wish to get into the game of D&D 5e. Furthermore, you should have plenty of time in the evenings and be eager enough to put up with playing 2-3 sessions every week, until the campaign is finished or cancelled. Female applicants get priority, because diversity is good and access should be made easier for them in my opinion. Overall, I wish to use this opportunity to experience D&D and allow a handful of people to access this game aswell. It's tough finding European games on here. Be responsible; if you are still compelled by your mommy to eat dinner and cannot say no, then maybe you shouldn't apply if it would constantly get in the way. I also hope that you are not one of those clowns who meme around all the time and keep drawing penises on the map. Immerse yourself in the game please.

    What do I need?: Basic knowledge of D&D 5e rules, there is no time to school everyone on everything. Demo license/client of FG. Plenty of time in the evenings. Friendly and respectful attitude. It does help, if you can think up a character beforehand, but we can figure something out on the point if necessary (or you can play a pre-generated char).

    What's the plan?: Once the players are set in stone, we will hold one introductory session in FG where everyone can familiarize themselves with the client and D&D mechanics. I will be available for questions and those, who have not yet sketched out their characters, can do so then, with or without help. If you already have a character sheet/concept, even better, just tell me about it and I'll implement it. Should there still be time on hand after introductions, we might even play the first encounter of the game to wrap up the session. We will use PointBuy for the character creation. I recommend: Orc Pub Character Builder. It's a good tool to draft a fresh character.

    About me: I am a male university student aged 23. I am a newbie DM and have only hosted a single session so far. My knowledge of the 5e ruleset is fair enough to make the attempt at hosting LMoP for 4-5 other newbies. It just so happens that I finally got a bit more than a month of holiday before the next semester begins and I want to binge some D&D during this time. I am quite easygoing, but I heavily insist on punctuality and coordination effort. I do like to hug my rulebook for most stuff, but I do think that I'm able to show plenty of flexibility in handling ingame situations.

    Application and Questions

    If you are interested in joining the game, then sign up at the game calender entry. I hope to fill the party up real fast, but I still hope that I can raise it's quality a bit first. If you want to increase your chances at being picked, just drop an introduction via PM. Try to express yourself clearly. It's true that I am looking for newbies, but there should be something in your application that sets you apart from the others. If you can't put in the time and effort for a decent introduction, then how do you intend to put up with playing in regular meetings over the course of a month?

    Thanks you for reading so far. I'm looking forward to your applications, feel free to ask anything concerning this game or the applications.

    Game Calendar Post: Click me!
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    Hello Cr3d1tz!

    I'm a new player in both DnD, Pathfinder and pretty much everything else, however my interests lay mostly with Pathfinder and DnD.
    Being a 25 year old (Male), I have grown up with a lot of people that were into games, but none were really interested in RP or Dungeons & Dragons, let alone Pen & Paper games.
    Over the course of years I've tried to find groups/places that would do PnP games of any sorts, sadly I have yet to find one.
    Because of this I want to wager my chances online and I've put what little money I could spare into buying Fantasy Ground.

    I wish to try and join you, if you allow me, although I would need help making my character.
    I have a miniscule experience due to having 'tested' some things in Roll20, which was actually the reason why I bought Fantasy Grounds.

    My License is a Paid/Basic license, sadly can't fork over 100's of euros. XD
    There is no set ammount of time/days for me where I can join, what I mean to say is; Is that I can play/join any day and any time.
    As for communication/Text or Voice; I'm up for either. However I'm quite a shy person when it comes to talking over mic (But I want to get better at it).
    If you require more information, feel free to ask!
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    I'm working Male aged 28 from Malaysia.

    I'M interested to play this campaign, never mange to find a group to do it properly. I have play a few round of D&D in fantasy group and pen & paper version, mainly on DDEX modular.
    I staying in GMT +8 and if the game is evening on GMT +2 then I should have no problems joining any game. I'm have no problems playing on midnight (my time) been doing that for fantasy group game.

    I have the paid normal license

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    --- Update ---

    1/5 Player Slots have been filled.

    --Current Party--
    1. Druid

    Khai, when I am saying evening, it could actually start at 9-10pm GMT+2. For you it would be about 3-4am in the night. Just clarifying here.
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    As long the game is finish before 9am (need to go work), I ok with any timing the game is, my normal playtime in FFG is around 2am.

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    I'm a new player (and DM) to DnD 5e but a little bit older than a youngster. I'm 46 but will try not to die of old age during the game :-)

    Have been roleplaying since I was 12 but have had a long break, something called kids. But now they are playing as well. I'm actually DM my daughters and their friends in just Lost mines. But even if I have some knowledge of the adventure it's not the same thing as my character will know anything behind the scenes.

    I have a normal license for FG.

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    I'm a new player to Dnd and would love to join your group. I will be available for sure these next two weeks to play with your group. However, this year will be my first year of college. I doubt I will be able to play at the same time at college and I hope we can finish a campaign before I have to leave. I have some roleplaying experience and familiarity with the rules. I have the free version of FG

    Thanks for your offer and I hope we can play together.

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    Im in Australia but those times work for me, Id love to play i haven't played any 5th ed but have the books ( played 3.5 for years). I may not be able to get to a session now and again due to work, but I can give you plenty of notice , still id love to give it a go. The idea of using a digital platform is very appealing.
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    Im not to new at 5e but I usually DM. Would love the chance to play, and polish up on some of the old RP skills. I reside in the lands of California and 28 springs have passed in my lifetime. I enjoy support/utility characters but will fill any spot the group needs. If not, enjoy your game, and may the dice roll in the favor of fun.

    "When in doubt, roll/role it out."

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    Hi! I'm new to FG but not to 5e or even online D&D, as I actually DM a couple of games over on Roll20. I most prefer magic users, but am willing to play anything really. If the campaign is a 1-shot for just this module, then I'll just reuse the backstory from one of the pregens. The only help I would require would be FG specific.

    I guarantee that I can show up 3 times a week for the sessions. The only thing is Wed nights I might occasionally be half an hour late. That's it. Even that's a slim chance actually.

    So, what sets me apart? Well, I'm very laid back and chill. I don't do intraparty drama, I don't get mad, and I like being creative and thinking up weird out-of-the-box solutions. I guess I basically try to make the game more interesting in a good way for my fellow players.


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