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    Battlemaps from aerial drone pictures. Gridded AND ungridded. Enjoy

    Hi all,

    Taking aboard the comments in my previous map post I redid the lot or at least the ones I was happy with.

    So now they're gridded AND ungridded as requested here and on r/battlemaps.

    Here you go. Enjoy!
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    thank you

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    these are awesome! thank you!

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    Super cool, thanks!
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    very cool, ty

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    Just chiming in on this old post that these maps are great! I am going to use one or two of these for my upcoming oneshot. I like the unique feel of a real world location that players can relate to

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    Very nice stuff, do you do the drone photography yourself?

    I always thought about doing that sort of thing, but don't have a drone! :P
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