FG License:ultimate
Time Zone:mst (alberta Canada)
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: I am available three nights a week and some weekends but I have a new baby so bath time meal times take precedence. She goes to bed at 7:00 so any time from then on
Term: I am Flexible could be just to play through one module or I would join a group for a larger campaign
Voice: Definitely want to do voice and web cam but I am not certain what is the best system for this so I would welcome some advice

Game System Preferred: 5e
Game System Experience: played 3.5 when I was young about 25 years ago
Fantasy Grounds Experience: New to Fantasy ground as I would like to get a regular game going with a group of friends but I want to learn the system first
Character Type Preferred: I am playing a half orc monk who worships the god kelemvor (god of death)
About me: I am 36 years old and until puberty I grew up in the mountains without much TV so as a result I read all the TSR books and owned an extensive 3.5 collection that I played with my brother and some other neighbor kids, mostly forgotten realms but also spell jammer, dragonlance, dark sun and a bit of ravenloft and planescape. Recently me my wife and a group of friends who are all involved in acting and television have decided that we want to do a twitch stream of 5e d and d with full costumes heavy RP and a big dose of comedy (most work on comedy television shows here in canada and the U.S.) I remember very little on how to play so I am looking to get with a group so I can get the hang of the 5e rules and the fantasy ground software so that when we decide to get this going its the best experience. My wife would also potentially like to play and possibly some of my other friends. I have read the DM Guide and players handbook as well as volos guide to monsters and the monsters manual. I own the lost mines module but I havent read it as I want to play it first with out ruining it and them DM it for my other group. You can friend me on Facebook Jordan Forsythe or fire me an email [email protected] to get ahold of me.