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    Okily Dokily (in the immortal words of Ned Flanders) v10 is a go and as of today functions perfectly with the current ruleset.

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    Thank you! No more errors! You ROCK!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trembot_89 View Post
    (in the immortal words of Ned Flanders)
    Okilly Dokilly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nylanfs View Post
    Hahaha, awesome. lml

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    Does this one need a compatibility update for FG 3.3.7 like the 3.5 version did? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paladiusdarkhelm View Post
    Does this one need a compatibility update for FG 3.3.7 like the 3.5 version did? Thanks!
    Just as an FYI - many community developers (myself included) will not produce compatibility updates for test versions, only for live FG versions. v3.3.7 is currently in test and is undergoing regular changes. Having said that, it's up to each community developer what they do with their extensions...

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    Hey Trembot!

    I updated my Improved Critical script (refactored the code and added a cool icon by Glassstaff). The code refactor may allow it to work "out of the box" with the Vitality extension, but I'm not sure how to test that to see if it works.

    Basically, I removed all "copied-n-pasted" code from ActionDamage.onDamageRoll and added a call to that function in the event that the ImprovedCritical mod is "off" or a critical is not rolled. Basically the "ImprovedCritical" code only executes if a critical damage is taken, and no "core" code is overridden.

    I don't know how many other changes you've made to integrate these mods, but I'd like to see if the Vitality mod and the ImprovedCritical mod can be included together now without stepping on each other.


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