FG License: ultimate
Time Zone: PST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: any weeknight, Saturday, or Sunday afternoon, the more times a month the better!
Term: I am willing to stay with group as long as you will have me. My reason for wanting a group is to learn to DM techniques to use in my own games. My current campaign -and first- is stagnating.
Voice: Yes, I prefer Discord however I can download whatever.

Game System Preferred: 5E
Game System Experience: I am currently DMing in 5E. I have been reading it for a few years now.

Character Type Preferred: I will make a class for the group. I am fine with or without AL regulations. I do prefer much of UA content. Tranquil fist monk, Revised ranger, and Undying light warlock to name a few. I enjoy characters with story that allows for interesting situations inside and outside of combat.