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    New Player LFG, Thurs – Sunday after 5 PST, Prefer 5E

    Returning player haven’t played in 15 years or so. Looking to get back into the hobby. Looking for a patient group or a group of new players as I get in the swing of things with 5E (or whichever system) and Fantasy Grounds.

    FG License: Paid

    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

    Days of week, frequency, and time:
    Thursday thru Sunday evenings after 5:00 PST, Bi-weekly would be preferable but I am flexible on the frequency.

    Term: Open to anything.

    Voice: Can voice chat and willing to install software group is using.

    Game System Preferred:
    Most interested in 5E followed by Pathfinder. Willing to give about anything a shot.

    Game Experience: As mentioned above. I am returning after a long hiatus. Basically a newbie.

    FG Experience: I have fooled around with the program on my own some but consider myself a beginner. Willing to learn and possibly DM at some point after gaining more experience.

    Character Type Preferred: I have no certain type of class I hate playing or want to play. Would be willing to pick a class based on group make up.

    I am a pen and paper player and DM from days gone by. I work full time and have children that take a significant chunk of my time so the date and times that I am available are firm. I have recently finished college and with my youngest daughter becoming more self-sufficient I have found that I have time to get back into some hobbies that have peeked my interest. I believe that once I get back into the swing of things I will get into the groove rather quickly. I don’t rock the boat and am sure that I will get along with any group that gives me a shot.

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    hey bayliss,

    I will be starting a weekly game, 5E Friday nights between 6-830 PST. have one other person lined up. in the same boat as you as far as fantasy grounds go. ive used it quite a bit but have to get familiar with it again and it looks like they have added alot stuff for 5E. i will be the DM. i have the ultimate license.

    looking to start within a couple of weeks. I would like a group of 4 all total. i will be placing an ad for the game this weekend prolly.

    gonna use Discord

    let me know if your interested.


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    I'm definitely interested. I will send you a PM.

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