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    LFG 1 Player - GMT - Newbie


    Bit of a newbie to FG and to D&D in general.. Though it has always interested me..

    I've bought Fantasy grounds and have been playing about a bit with character creation and learning some of the basics with spells/attacks and have been watching some streaming/Youtube and believe I'm ready to take the plunge and actually play a game..

    Im available every day from about 6-7pm GMT, minus Tuesday's.. And depending on what the missus decides I'm doing at the weekend.

    I don't mind some quick games.. longer games etc.. I just really want to start playing and getting to grips with it.. As long as you don't mind the occasional "What the hell am i supposed to be doing?!?" questions..



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    please specified the times better 6am to 7pm gmt is that what you meant

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    No, i actually meant I'm free FROM about 6pm-7pm ish.. till late..



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