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    Savage Worlds question

    So I bought the SW ruleset and some add ons, and am trying to learn the system and the fantasy grounds interface. I have never played or ran savage worlds before. So far, it seems to be a really well done ruleset and I think I am picking up the rules pretty well. I am having one issue though. When I build a character from scratch, either in GM mode or player mode, I can not get any attacks to populate to the combat tracker. For instance, I add "axe" to the inventory, make sure it shows up in the combat tab, but when I drag the character to the combat tracker, the attacks are blank. I am wanting to build a few pregens for a oneshot, and I can't get this to work. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Attacks for players don't appear on the Combat Tracker only those for NPCs. Players use their character sheets to make attacks.
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    Ok, well that answers it! Thanks!

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