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    Help with making a custom Calendar ext for Critical Role "Tal'dorei campaign guide"


    I've just bought the "Tal'dorei campaign guide" by Matthew Mercer, and would very much like to implement the Tal'dorei calendar in my current campaign.

    I've read that it is possible to change the current calendars, but...
    I have zero experience when it comes to editing files, scripting and programming.
    So I'm asking if somebody could be kind enough to help me out?

    Thanks in advance, Phanatiq

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    I'd be able to help, but I don't have any information.

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    I'll write down the information for you, just a moment.

    Are you able to add holidays as well?

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    1 year: 328 days, 11 months

    Weekdays: Miresen, Grissen, Whelsen, Conthsen, Folsen, Yulisen, Da'leysen.


    Horisal 29 days, New Dawn (1st), Hillsgold (27th)

    Misuthar 30 days, Day of Challenging (7th)

    Dualahet 30 days, Renewal Festival (13th), Wild's Grandeur (20th)

    Thunsheer 31 days, Harvest's Rise (11th), Merryfrond's Day (31st)

    Unndilar 28 days, Deep Solace (8th), Zenith (26th)

    Brussendar 31 days, Artisan's Fire (15th), Midsummer/ Elvendawn (20th)

    Sydenstar 32 days, Higshummer (7th), Morn of Largesse (14th)

    Fessuran 29 days, Harvest's Close (3rd)

    Quen'pillar 27 days, The Hazel Festival (10th), Civilization's Dawn (22nd)

    Cuersaar 29 days, Night of Ascension (13th), Zan's Cup (21st)

    Duscar 32 days, Barren Eve (2nd), Embertide (5th), Winter's Crest (20th)

    I added the holidays just in case you're able to add them. Thank you for your help!

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    Any leap years? Also, can you give the day of the week for one day in one particular year, so I can make sure that it adjusts properly?

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    The current campaign date would be the 7th of Sydenstar (Weekday Yulisen). The year is 723, third era.
    (Hopefully that works :S )

    And no leap years

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    Extension and module attached. Make sure you load the extension in your campaign before you use the module, or the dates won't be correct.

    Updated extension.
    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by Andraax; May 2nd, 2018 at 16:18. Reason: Extension update

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    Downloaded, loaded and works like a charm!

    Thank you very much Andraax

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    Wonder if the calendar will be a part of the mod if/when FG works out an agreement with GRP and MM

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