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    DM'ing for a group in person with FG

    I'm new to FG, so appreciate any help. I have a group that plays in person, with one member that's going to play remotely. My question is will FG handle the interface between myself, the remote player and the people with me?

    Will FG represent the characters that are in person? Tokens, stats, etc. I use a TV in a table, so FG will be used as a mapping tool for those on site.

    Last question! When running 5E modules purchased through FG, can you enter your players characters in them? Or are you stuck with the suggested characters?

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    Welcome to the forums Helbrecht

    Plenty of GMs use Fantasy Grounds in they way you describe.

    I use it frequently at the gaming table to display maps and handle statistics. Here's a screenshot of one such instance: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...l=1#post338342 That thread actually contains an extension (modification to FG you can load) that makes it super easy to size your battlemaps to a 1 inch grid so you can display them on your TV in the table at the right size if you'd like to use minis as well.

    The GM can run another instance of Fantasy Grounds on their computer and display that on the TV - this will be a player instance that just shows what you decide to show. Include the manually revealed fog-of-war (mask) if you choose to use that.

    You'd have to use tokens on the map (many come with FG as standard) to represent all the characters (PCs and NPCs) even if you're using minis so the remote player will know where everyone is on the map.

    When running 5E modules purchased through FG, can you enter your players characters in them? Or are you stuck with the suggested characters?
    Absolutely. 5E purchases are provided as library modules that you open within your 5E campaign. You enter and maintain your own own characters within that campaign.
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    In my experience, the local players will want a computer for them as well as the remote player. My players all bring laptops, but on occasion they do share. Though you can do it all as the GM, it is a lot of work, and I'm big on making my job easier so my players bring their computers, and then move and roll and everything else for their own characters.

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    Thanks for the great info! I'd love for my guys to all bring laptops, but I don't think its possible.

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