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    Inventory system - M&M style


    How much flexible is the extension system to create an inventory similar to this? I would like to start to work on it but i'm not entirely sure if it's possible.
    The features should be:
    Matrix based inventory
    Draggable images ( each item is represented with an image which is filling one or more cell )
    Retrocompatible ( the old inventory list must be there but if there's not enough space you can't add the item to your inventory )
    Interactive items ( if i click on an item this should show the default window associated to that Item )

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    I believe it would be possible, but it would be very, very hard.
    I never claimed to be sane. Besides, it's more fun this way.

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    Wouldn't it be a problem to manage draggable images? The only draggable image I've seen till now is the link ( little shield ), so I think that's quite possible. But will it be possible to use images from the MAP section instead of "precompiled" images?

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    It would be quite a bit of work. You would have to build an extension that provided the library of all possible item icons set up as icon assets, allow assignment of icons to each item, build an entire grid based layout system of your own, and then build a bunch of handlers to assign an allow the icons to be dragged to and within the grid. As Nickademus mentioned, it seems like it would be possible, but a "lot" of work for the relative gain in functionality.


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    That's what i'm worried about. "It seems like it would be possible" doesn't look positive to me.

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