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Thread: sorting token

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    sorting token

    So I have bought and made a poopton of token from various sites.

    Any ideas on how to sort them (i.e. put them in a bag like the rest of the tokens and not just one big file in the shared folder on my local drive.



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    1) You shouldn't put a lot of tokens in the shared directory. These are loaded each time you or the players start up FG - taking time and, more importantly, FG resources. Only put tokens that the players really need in the shared folder.

    2) The recommendation for tokens is to make one more more token modules. Information here: Then you can turn them on or off as you need them. The main downside to this is that players can't see tokens in a module, so some GMs put together contact sheets (a screenshot of the tokens in a module) and share that with the players if they need to make a token selection for a PC, for example, then the GM can add the selected token from their module.

    "Bags" within the token window are either directories in the \tokens file system or modules (with internal directories as well). Each directory being a token bag.
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