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    Hey, thanks for the quick response! Table Explanation.png

    Ok, so in the picture, the table on the left calls the table on the right on a 36-40. The table on the right rolls 2d20 for results and can roll 36-40 which calls itself 2 more times. That works, but seems clunky. What I want is the left table to call itself on a 36-40 two times but only roll 2d20 on itself rather than the normal 1d100. Make sense?


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    No, you can't change the dice that a table uses unless you pick up the dice from the dice pool and drop them on the table. The way you have those tables set up you could end up in an endless loop. Your second table should really only have the rolls up to 35 and not have the option to call itself again.
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    Yes, though highly unlikely and the point so that any given encounter is not just one thing ;-)

    Appreciate the quick response! Spoiled by Tablesmith <sigh>

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