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    Taking From Published Scenarios for Personal Use

    I'm still working through how FG does things. If I were to purchase a published work, say Kobold Press' Book of Lairs (but the question extends to anything) and I wanted to bring an encounter into a module for my personal campaign to change and modify so it fits, how would I go about that? Let me reel it in and make it more specific.

    Let's say I have a 5e campaign. I create a module for it and title it: Tales of Greyhawk. I read somewhere that when working on a campaign module, one should work on a development version and export the module. So, I'm doing all my work on Tales of Greyhawk Development (ToGD).

    I then buy Kobold Press' Book of Lairs (BoL) with the intention of selecting some of the mini-adventures and bringing them into ToGD. I start it up and load the module. Of course I'm going to need to tweak it, so I start making changes to it. Are those changes affecting my purchased product or does it only occur to the version loaded into ToGD?

    Now I take the adventure (that I tweaked) from Book of Lairs Story and drop it into ToGD Story. I export the module then load it into ToG to play. Will the encounters and NPCs that were linked to in the story be in ToG, or do I have to transfer them individually (at the NPC window, then Encounter window, Parcel window, etc).

    Is there a "best practice" document somewhere that I can read on this?

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    Any changes you make to purchased content are only within that campaign. By using a development campaign, you can then company that content from Book of Lairs, modify it, then export it as your own module and use it in any other campaign you run.

    If you don't copy everything from Book of Lairs, then you will have to have BoL open in your play campaign, but if you copied everything in your development campaign, then you will only need your module open and not the BoL.

    See link in my sig about Adventure Modules.

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    Thanks LordEntrails. I just clicked on you "Adventure Module Creation" and it's literally called "Adventure Module Creation Best Practices"! lol

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