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    Same token for multiple NPCs

    Hi to all!

    I've created through a script something like 5,000 NPC, using model Faction-Skill-Weapon for each one.

    So, if I need a Goblin from Greenteeth Clan armed with a Crossbow i already have it without need to build it.

    I've create the module through Par5e, and it want one token for each NPC, so i've created them.

    5000 png files = 225MB of module...not good.

    I'm wondering if it's possible to use one token for a set of token...all Goblins from Greenteeth Clan will have the same token file reference, no need to have a lot of copy of the same file.

    It's enough with changing the XML file in order to point to the file .png that I want for each set of NPCs or there are any other problems that I will ran into?

    Many thanks guys for your support!

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    Tokens are allocated to NPCs based on the NPC name in par5e. So you need a unique token for each differently named NPC even if you are using the same token. You can go into the XML and change the token that the NPC points to so you can do what you are thinking and have one token for a variety of different NPCs
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    Thanks for the answer Zacchaeus!

    Today I will try to change it!

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