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    LFP and DM Monday nights EST USA for a published module game

    FG License: I have Ultimate, the DM should have full or ultimate
    Game System&D 5e

    Time Zone:USA EST
    Day of week and time:Monday evenings, starting 630-7p
    If new game, planned start date:Later in July or Early August
    Planned Duration & Frequency:bi- weekly
    Term:Play module and then go from there.

    Text or Voice:Voice
    Voice software used:I have skype and Discord, but can do whatever people want

    Roleplay & Combat mix:50/50
    Number of Players in game & needed:3-4 players plus a DM
    Character starting level & equipment:1 class/backgrounds starting
    Character restrictions: Would be up to the DM, but i envision the PHB/SCAG/Volo's all being viable options.

    Details of your scenario:I'd like to find a DM and a few players to run one of the published modules. Either out of the Abyss, or do a Lost Mines into Storm Kings or possible Princes of the Apocalypse.
    I DM one game already, so i dont have time to DM a second, but would like to play and have been having trouble finding a game that fits my schedule is the reason im posting it this way.
    If you are interested please post below and lets see if we can get something going.

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    This would work out great with my schedule, if you find someone to run this let me know.

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    Will do!

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    Mondays also work well for me. If this takes off I would be interested too!

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    I have only DM once, have ultimate licence and all 5e modules with the exception of Yawning Portal, I could DM for you at the begining of august if you will have me.

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    Awesome, the ball is rolling a bit here. so we have 3 players and a DM.
    Keyroll, beginning of August would be fine. Want to shoot for August 7th at 7pm? Gives everyone some time to set up and such.
    Ideally i'd like to see one more player, but we can run it with 3 unless anyone has objections. but we still have a little more time to see if one more wants to join up.

    Any particular modules everyone wants to do? I'd love to do Lost mines and then go into something else from that, but lets hear what everyone else thinks.

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    I'd be very interested if you'll have me.

    I am a complete newbie though but willing to learn.

    The only thing that's problematic for me would be a 630p start, I would only be available at 640-645p.

    Please let me know and I will get a copy of the 5e PHB.

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    I wouldnt worry too much about it Nekrann, we can always start a little later for you , 645-7pm.

    So it looks like we have our 4 players!
    once we all figure out what modules we want to start with, Keyroll can get planning and we can look at August 7th for a start date?

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    I'm good with whatever modules you guys choose.

    Just let me know what I need to read in addition to the 5e PHB.

    I'd appreciate some help getting a character created as well.

    August 7th is good for me.

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    NM. Misread.
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