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    No luck accessing old Steam purchases.


    I've recently reinstalled and updated FG via Steam, and am having trouble connecting my steam purchases.

    I've gone through most forum posts regarding how to fix this issue and haven't had much success following the advice listed.

    As of right now:

    I've checked and re-checked to be sure I've properly connected my Steam Account to my FG account, it is.

    I've ensured that my App Directory goes through Steam, it does.

    I've hit the "Manage" button for Purchase Logins and refreshed/updated/checked for updated for FG more times than I can count.

    I've made doubly certain I've punched in the correct password.

    I've gone nuts trying to figure this out.

    Any other advice anyone may be able to offer me before I send a ticket off to support?

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    Did you sync your accounts? That's a new feature that was added a version or two ago. From the FG Store:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talyn View Post
    Did you sync your accounts? That's a new feature that was added a version or two ago. From the FG Store:

    Yep. Synced up and rearing to go.

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    On the main FG startup screen click the "Settings" button - please copy/paste here the paths for Data Directory and App Directory so we can check for anything strange.

    Please give a couple of example products you bought on Steam, then we can check to see what issues are occurring with you updating.
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    Also, make sure that you enter your FG web login into the Settings, because that is what your Steam account and purchases are tied to.


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