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    5E Curse of Strahd needs 1 player on 7/15/2017 11am EST/3pm GMT

    FG License: DM has Full so players need at least Lite.
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA
    Day of week and time: Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 am EST, 3pm GMT
    If new game, planned start date: 7/15/2017
    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3 Hour session, Weekly
    Term: Long term keep playing for a while

    Text or Voice: Voice and Text
    Voice software used: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 3 players, need 1 more.
    Character starting level & equipment: New player will be working an already created character or we can discuss an alternative.
    Character restrictions: Please be conciderate and try to allow a player not already in a campaign or other session participate. I would like to invite someone who is currently stuck trying to find a "group". Thanks.

    Details of your scenario: We will be starting the Curse of Strahd adventure. I will meet with the new player a day or two before the actual start date, details on this will be provided in a PM.

    Link to Gamecalendar page: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...ex.xcp?id=2632
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    If I have the GMT part wrong someone please let me know. Thanks.

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    Sounds interesting, the times are good too, I'll send a PM!

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    I'm super interested if you're still looking. PM sent!

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    we have enough people now.thanks all that replied and sorry we cant let all of you join. hopefully in the near future I can set up another session or something. good luck and have a fun time.

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    I am interested in playing. Let me know if you still need a player please.

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