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    LFP Text based 4e Zeitgeist. Saturdays 10am NZT

    I will be starting a text based game using Fantasy Grounds, organised via Discord (voice not required, but Discord for times, session details etc IS).
    This will be run at the time found here weekly. The 4/5th of august is a session zero, and may be subject to change, but the time and day will be accurate so before reading further make sure this suits you.

    Zeitgeist is a vaguely steam-punk (more renaissance style imho) adventure path from EN Publishing and the authors of the War of the Burning Sky adventure path. It's critically acclaimed, and is one of my favourite adventures to run, with an immersive and detailed world.

    I hope to run this game with a party of 5 players, but will start if I get at least 4.
    This is not a PBP, this will be run live on Fantasy Grounds, using FG's text based system, however, some PbP elements will be present. Writing on the Discord's chat in between sessions regarding downtime, outside-of-game-activities etc will be highly encouraged, as will building on character backgrounds, histories etc.

    You can find the free Zeitgeist player's guide here
    If you want a brief look at what Zeitgeist may entail, check the 2 page primer here

    Expectations of this game are that you take it seriously, and take every effort to engage with the world and the story as it unfolds.
    You do NOT need to be experienced with 4e or FG, but if you are new to one or the other, I'd appreciate you coming along for a introductory session to both of these that will be run to teach newer players how to run a smooth game.

    If you wish to apply, post here or PM me an application (and post here to inform me that you have done so) roughly in the following format
    Name: Your name (or tag)
    Character: What you intend or wish to play as.
    Theme: A couple of sentences (or more) briefly outlining your character idea. Please read the player's guide and follow the prompts for characters in this setting and story. (Members of RHC etc). You arent beholden to these prompts, but to not be an RHC member will require communication with me
    Gaming History: What are your experiences with TableTop Rpgs? This has no bearing on your being accepted, but can give me an idea of what your experience level is, and what you might need to help with the game.

    That's it! Easy peasy. Hopefully I get some interest. As with all my games, this will be posted in two other locations, so while there may not be any applicants on here, be aware slots might fill from elsewhere.

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    Spite, just PM'd you my application information. Thanks.

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    This might be exactly what I am looking for... just one question, what is NZT ? I couldn't find it in any online time converter.
    To err is human.
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    Click the first link in the op and it'll show you in your timezone. NZT is New Zealand Timezone. Should be +12gmt, auckland or fiji on most converters

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    Quote Originally Posted by spite View Post
    Click the first link in the op and it'll show you in your timezone. NZT is New Zealand Timezone. Should be +12gmt, auckland or fiji on most converters
    Okay.... that means it would be midnight between Friday and Saturday for me, that should work, if the sessions are not a whole lot longer than 4 hours.
    To err is human.
    To arrrr is pirate.

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    4 hours will likely be the timeframe I am looking at. I've received your PM, thanks!

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    If you've apped, go ahead and join This Discord and post in general to get the roles for the Zeitgeist channel.

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    Awesome, received. Feel free to join the discord channel linked above and come hang out/yarn about the game and meet the team

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