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    Wizard spell questions. 5e

    I was looking at the wizard spells for one of my players today, (keep in mind I am new to FG and D&D) and I noticed that the modifier on the attack rolls for the spells was on the Dexterity attribute. I this a mistake? I would have thought it would be the modifier on the INT. Anyone have insight on this for me?

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    The current modifier is a ranged +2. But I was thinking it should have the INT bonus . Firebolt, Chromatic orb, ray of frost all use the Ranged +2 modifier. why is that?

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    Yes the modifier should be INT. you can change the ability if you click on the magnifying glass on the spell bar for spells level one and click on the ability to INT.

    This should be correctly set if the character was created via drag/drop.
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    Yeah, It was not added it in right. Deleted it and started another and it is working right now, Thanks

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