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    Star Trek Adventures tryout, Monday @ Noon PST.

    Hi everyone, looks like my current groups don't have a bite for the Trek universe. I always been a fan of the series since I was a lad, and never thought about an RPG, that was until I happened to stumble upon the new Adventures RPG.

    I would be interested in giving the RPG a shot and see how it is, I just picked up the PDF this morning, so I will be absolutely new this, I am wondering who would like to join me in trying out a game.

    As for some information

    License: Ultimate, you can use the free account
    Timezone: Pacific GMT-7 @ 12Pm
    Game Days: Monday starting 17th July, this monday (10th) for character creation and rule runthough
    Voice: Discord

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    Hey, I'm interested in joining in. I know next to nothing about Star Trek though. I'm a big fan of sci-fi so this sounds great.

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    Not a problem Owl, I would like to run the first game next Monday, but would also like those who would to play, to show up this monday for rules explanation as well as looking at using Fanatsy Grounds, Morecore I think is the only way to run it i am aware of

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    RIP, 12 pm for you is 5 am for me. If there is a change in time I can join.

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    Would love to play, but 12pm is too early in the day. Have to work... If you want to run it later (after 3 your time), I'd be up to it.

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    I love the idea. I run a Star Trek SIMM at Ronin Fleet, and I know a lot about RPGs, Star Trek and so on.
    My only problem is that the start time is 1p my time, and I usually have appointments every other Monday
    (17th, 31st, and so on), and I have a work shift that starts at 5p.

    Any day but Monday would work for me, although I *did* have a gaming group that would meet at Monday
    at 9p my time (8p PST), but whether that would work for everyone, I am not sure.

    My email address is [email protected] in case you need to get a hold of me.

    John B.

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    I am interested, sent you a PM

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    Turns out I cant join this, have to pick up the kids from school. I would love to hop on for a few minutes to get a look at your implementation of these rules in morecore. I am having a hard time grasping the use of morecore in practice. If that's ok, let me know.

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    I'd be curious mostly in that I'm also wanting to see the system in action.

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    No worries, I know Mondays are a little tough for most people, I am still learning the rules myself, and also learning Morecore to use.
    Sessions Running
    All currently on hold with the world going crazy. Doing random one shots.

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