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    LFG 2 Players LF Weeknight Game Mon or Thurs PST US Time Zone - Pathfinder AP

    FG License: Both players have paid licenses
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time USA
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Looking to play on Mon or Thurs, possibly both days pending interest. 5/6pm to 9/10pm
    Term: Looking for a full play through of a Paizo adventure path
    Voice: Voice chat on Discord, preferably

    Game System Preferred: Pathfinder
    Game System Experience: Pathfinder for 5+ years
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Novices - looking to gain experience with the client.

    Character Type Preferred: We're both very open to playing any & all classes
    About me: We're two (low level) veteran Pathfinder players who haven't seen much play above level 8. We work together and have very similar availability. Been playing Pathfinder for the last 5+ years after a short stint in 3.5E. We live in Southern California & are in our mid/late twenties. We both enjoy a good balance of roleplay, combat, exploration, & intrigue. Happy to answer any questions.

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    I have never played Pathfinder but I have played 3.5e. I'm interested in playing if you don't mind helping me set up a character and teach me the rules as we play.

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