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    magic items and spell casting bonus, need help

    Im trying to figure out the syntax to code for a magic item that gives a bonus to spell attack modifier and a bonus to spell attack save DC. I dont want the character to have a bonus on all saves, or all attacks (melee, ranged). She has a ring I gave her for completling a quest that is +1 to spell attack and save. Can some one direct me to the syntax for how to get this to work. I dont want to have to alter every spell she has to adjust this. She has a wisdom mod of 3, is a druid, level 3 so her prof bonus is 2, so her spell save DC is 14 and her spell attack bonus is 5. How do I make it 6/15?

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    Zacc or one of the other effects gurus will be along to prove me wrong, but from what I remember them saying when other have asked similar questions is that FG does not have any way to recognize when an attack is made using a spell. So atleast the spell attack part is not able to be automated. I don't know about the DC side of things.

    Check out the wiki article on "5e effects" for more info and examples. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    How does the game determine the spell casting mod of lets say a fire bolt? If i just add a effect that is a +1 bonus to attack, specify ranged or not, i dont want them to get a bonus to quarterstaff attacks as well? Has to be a solution other than just having to edit all her spells, and edit them every time she has a change in her Prof modifier when leveling up etc?

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    thx for the attempt Lordentrails

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    You can click the magnifying glass at the top of the spell line (where it says Spells level 1) and in the window that opens you can add a bonus to the spell attack and/or save etc in there. This will affect all spells.
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    Just to make sure, is it a constant effect or a charged item? If it is a constant effect, they would be better off just hard coding it into their sheet. This can be done, by clicking on the Magnifying glass In the spell levels and adding the bonus to the right mod slots.

    If it is a charged item, you would probably be better off doing it in a reverse manner for the saves and making an effect they would drop on the target that would only last for one use
    SAVE: -1; [ACTION]
    and making an Attack boost that would last 1 action
    ATK: 1; [ACTION]
    . I would need to experiment a bit but attack boost for magic might be doable as a perm effect. Thinking it might be something like
    IF: magic; ATK: 1
    , though that might boot any magical weapons they could get later.
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