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    LFP to Role-Play NPCs Sat 7/1/17 6pm-10pm MST (one-two session(s))

    Very Important: You do not need to spend any money, or need to research the adventure. You will play 1-3 NPCs that are drow prisoners wanting (but not trying excessively hard--to keep the PCs the stars of the show). There is likely little combat (see below). Discord is the voice software. The free version of Fantasy Grounds can be used. Ruleset is D&D, 5e.

    Looking for players (2-4 -- haven't decided) to run the NPCs of the prisoner scene in Out of the Abyss. You do NOT need to be familiar with the module--just the basics of how to role-play, and I'll give you notes (How you became a drow prisoner, how motivated you are to escape, what special information you have, which characters/classes/races you favor/dislike). This session will be high role-play, low combat (because I'm setting the initial stage of the campaign--Explaining Underdark, who/what are Drow, how they got there, who are the NPCs, demonstrate the drow being vicious, etc ...) It will likely be 3 hours of RP, and one hour of combat (to escape the compound). Two helpers can contribute a "PC" but the characters will be killed by the drow (to demonstrate how cruel they are--open for ideas on that).

    Members who are familiar with the Out of the Abyss NPCs (prior DMs?) can choose who they want to RP if they have strong intentions for one NPC vs another. Otherwise, I'll ask, "Do you want to play an insane guy? Yes... Here..."

    One (possibly two) session(s). Saturday, 7/1/17 at 6pm - 10pm MST. Sorry, once we establish the who is who, the PCs will begin to take over the NPCs and as the story progresses, the NPCs will leave/die. To be clear, there is no room for a permanent player slot.

    Why am I doing this? There are a lot of NPCs and I want to give them all a decent personality (to motivate the PCs to genuinely interact with them) (they also get an XP reward for keeping them alive). By letting others help me, I can focus more energy into the main drow characters whom will later chase and pursue the fleeing group.

    Individuals who help me and do well (stick to the notes fairly well, not intrusive, etc) will have an opportunity to play future NPCs (if desired of course) and a chance to provide input for my next up-coming campaign (thinking evil campaign, Zhentariam agents manipulating multiple nations into warring with each other and they will mop up the survivors. Expected start time is around September-October)

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    Sent you a private message.

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    Thank you for the responses. I wanted to add additional information (without giving away spoilers for other DMs and PCs running this module).

    Fellow Prisoners
    The characters are held with ten other prisoners, captured during various raids and likewise awaiting transportation to Menzoberranzan. Some can expect to be sold as slaves, while others await death at the hands of the drow or their pets. Regardless of what they might think of the adventurers-and each other-outside the slave pens, all the NPCs have good reason to cooperate in order to escape and survive.

    Buppido [Talkative and intelligent derro. He meditates or worships alone due to being reserved when it comes to religion. Buppido is willing to show others his beliefs/methods of worship, but only to solitary individuals because groups are often more resistant to accepting information so he does not want to waste his time on groups.]

    Prince Derendil [A cursed gold elf prince polymorphed into a Quaggoth (a gorilla/yeti like creature). His rage is beginning to get the best of him and he mentally blacks out more frequent and the savage quaggoth ways take over. He is trying to get to his kingdom where his aids can cure him.]

    Eldeth Feldrun [Female Shield dwarf scout from Gauntlgrym. She is bound to honor like most surface dwarves and has motherly love and instincts towards most when they are injured or distressed.]

    Jimjar [Deep gnome with a gambling problem. Flawless memory when it comes to money/debts/payouts. A man of his word when he loses a bet and will always pay up. He will Finds Topsy and Turvy to be unusual.]

    Ront [Orc male from the Iceshield tribe. He is mean bully, stupid and hateful but knuckles under to authority and threats. He hates dwarves and short people though those who stand up to him will put him in his place for a short time. He is punished by Gruumish, the god of the Orcs, for running from a slaughter when a band of orcs who met a party of dwarves. He will strike, kick, and throw Stool around when he gets a chance.]

    Sarith Kzekarit [A male drow, Sarith is sullen and keeps to himself, rebuffing attempts to talk to him. He is disgraced by his imprisonment but is resigned to his fate, since there doesn't appear to be anything he can do about it. Sarith is accused of murdering one of his fellow drow warriors in a fit of madness, but he has no memory of it. He varies between believing the whole thing is a setup to discredit and destroy him, and fearing that it is all true. He is being held until he can be sent back to Menzoberranzan as a sacrifice to Lolth and an example to others.]

    Shuushar the Awakened [Kuo-toa hermit and mystic. Shuushar is likely to be one of the more unusual creatures any of the adventurers have met. The aquatic hermit is a calm and peaceful presence. He is aware of his people's well-deserved reputation for madness, and claims to have spent a lifetime in contemplation and solitary meditation to overcome that legacy. He appears to have been successful, exuding an aura of enlightened balance. Shuushar is even calm and accepting of his current imprisonment, merely saying that it is what it is, and who can say what end it might eventually lead toward?]

    Stool [Stool is a myconid sprout captured by Sarith Kzekarit. Stool is lonely and frightened, wanting only to return to its home in Neverlight Grove promising sanctuary with its folk. To those Stool becomes attached to, he will often behave somewhat like an enthusiastic and curious younger sibling, sticking close and asking all kinds of questions.]

    Topsy and Turvy [Deep gnome orphaned twins with the typical dour deep gnome personality. Topsy (sister) is the talker and translator while Turvy (brother) speaks gibberish (I was thinking the main character of Pootie Tang--"Dirty Dee, you're a baddy daddy lamatai tabby chai!". The twins stick together no matter because they know they can always trust each other with their secrets.]
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