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    Mutant Chronicles at Bundle of Holding


    Bundle of Holding put up a Mutant Chronicles bundle that's available for the next 20 days (until July 16th). I've always thought the setting looked cool: similar to Warhammer 40K, with shades of Shadowrun. The setting always seemed dirty and lived-in; the creators call it "diesel-punk."

    MC started back in 1993, and has had various RPG, miniatures combat, and even card game incarnations over the years. I've played a little of the miniatures game and bought some cards, but never gotten too deeply into it, so this bundle is perfect for me. Has anybody else here played Mutant Chronicles? What did you think of it? Anybody interested in starting a campaign?

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    I've had an eye on it for a while, but never actually tried it. Heard mixed things about the 2d20 system, mostly good but some complaints about unintuitive mechanics or excessive complexity.

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    I just got it and the dice mechanics don't look good on paper. There is a dice macro for the 2d20 system in the MoreCore rule set and there is also a savage worlds version

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    i have found the Mutant Chronicles Savage Worlds version, is MC worth getting in SW and the bundle so that one has adventures? (also the SW version can be brought into FG)

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    We have been playing MC for sometime (Dark Legion campaign is coming to end soon). It works well and is a good game. Similar to Conan, but characters are not as powerful. It would be nice to get Ruleset (+ character sheet).

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