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    Blackscour Taint (Disease)

    Seeking some guidance because I cant find anything specific on the actual disease specifically from any sources. Below Is my best interpretation of the save and ongoing effects unless someone else can point me to the correct effects of the disease?

    Type: Disease, Ingested
    Save: Fortitude
    DC: 14
    Onset: 1d3 days
    Frequency : 1/day
    Effect: 1d2 Con damage
    Cure: 2 consecutive saves (Herbal Remedies: Elderwood moss, Rat’s tail root, Ironbloom mushrooms)

    From the Hallows Last Hope DM Guide its explained as thus:

    Blackscour taint is an ingested disease
    with an incubation period of 1d3 days. The
    disease deals 1d2 points of Constitution
    damage and is resisted with a DC 14 Forti-
    tude save. Those who are infected develop
    a hacking cough that quickly turns bloody
    if the disease is allowed to progress.
    For the first two days from the start
    of the adventure, 1d4 townsfolk die from
    blackscour taint every day. On the third
    day, 2d4 townsfolk die, then 3d4 on the
    fourth day, with the death toll increasing
    an additional 1d4 every day until a total
    of forty villagers have perished. If the PCs
    have acquaintances or loved ones afflicted
    by blackscour taint (and who lack full NPC
    statistics), roll 4d10 for each noteworthy
    relation. If the PCs do not return to town
    with a cure for the disease by the time the
    death toll reaches the NPC’s number, the
    specified character dies.
    Once forty townsfolk die from blacks-
    cour taint, the malady has run its course,
    killing all those unable to overcome the
    disease on their own. If the
    PCs take up the search for a cure and fail to
    return to Falcon’s Hollow by this time, they
    are widely shunned and blamed by many
    for the deaths of their loved ones.

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    Its sounds self explanatory. It serves mostly as a plot device.

    The only unclear bits are the cure saves and frequency. 2 or 3 sounds appropriate for an epidemic. The frequency of 1/day actually makes it less deadly than it supposedly is given natural ability score healing. What material are you looking at?

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