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    Having a second license with same site account

    I currently have an ultimate license on my laptop and use a demo on my desktop for my wife to use when she is a player. She would also like the opportunity to gm, so I was wondering about options. I had tried to install a second copy with my license on the desktop and an additional demo on my laptop, but the software does not allow for multiple installs. My wife would like to use the desktop, so would I be able to use a second purchased license using my same site account so all the source material remains in tact on both computers?

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    Hi Sharjah I and welcome to the community.

    Leaving aside the lisence issue if you are both on the same network then only one computer can be logged in via port 1802 at the same time. There is a way to force FG to use another port so that might be a solution but again I'm not sure if both can be logged on at the same time even if each computer was using a different port.

    If you buy another licence then that woul need to be set up as a separate account, you can't have more than one on the same account. You can however copy the campaign folder from one machine to the other so that both accounts had the same campaign data, however both accounts can't share any purchased modules.

    Your licence does allow you to install the software on more than one machine but again that brings us back to the two computers sharing the same network and only one can run through port 1802.
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