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    Nameless Horrors for CoC 7E is now available

    It's not the greatest timing coming out right in the middle of the Summer Sale, but it's better now than waiting another week or more.


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    Nice! Will definitely pick this up fairly soon.

    I was wondering about the two books that was shown on the Call of Cthulhu banner in the last FG mail. Does this mean that "Investigator's Handbook" is also right around the corner (seeing as that was the other book, both which at the time of the mail wasn't released on FG store)?
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    It is definitely in progress, so... coming soon...

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    Seen it in store -> purchased it!
    I love CoC :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianmward View Post
    It is definitely in progress, so... coming soon...
    That's good to hear I was so excited when I saw that picture in the mail (which contained Nameless Horrors and Investigator's Handbook), only to be slightly disappointed when none of them were on the store. Then when Nameless Horrors was added to the store I got excited again thinking the Investigator's Handbook was just a couple of days off as well - that's why I had to ask Appreciate all the hard work you (and others) put into converting CoC books to FG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermundure View Post
    Seen it in store -> purchased it!
    I love CoC :-)
    I love CoC as well, so happy I get to play with this beauty as well.

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