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    Looking for Players for the Rappan Athuk Tuesday night game

    Looking for players who are interested in Rappan Athuk campaign. Be warn this is a challenging module and not to nice to new players. If still interested please read the rules and guide lines below. Experienced players be a boon to know what kind of horrors this module awaits.

    PM me if interested

    FG License: ultimate license
    Game System: Pathfinder

    Time Zone: eastern standard time / gmt - 5
    Day of week and time: Tuesdays starting at 5pm ends at 11pm. can continue more if groups wishes
    Planned Duration & Frequency: weekly - 5pm to 11pm Eastern time. The date and time cant be changed due to groups schedule and my schedule.

    Term: long term

    Text or Voice: voice
    Voice software used: my private TeamSpeak

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
    Number of Players in game 3

    Characters needed: needed 2-3 depending.

    Character starting level & equipment: level 4 with level 4 starting gold

    Character restrictions: NO 3RD PARTY … Pathfinder Material Only.

    Classes in already- cleric, druid and fighter ( inspired blade/ martial master/ Dex based)

    Rolls need to be filled: Rogue, Tank and Arcane caster

    Races ONLY:

    All Core races


    No Summoners
    No Gunslingers
    No Witches
    No Occultists
    No Anti-paladins

    TRAITS: Get to select 2 traits from but not from the same category:


    Second trait can't be from the same category and no campaign traits.

    Details of your scenario:

    Many hundreds of years ago, the forces of good allied to destroy
    the main Temple of Orcus in the ancient city of Tsar. With their
    temple in ruins, the surviving high priests of this accursed demongod
    fled the city with an army of enemies on their trail—an army
    of heroic fighters, clerics and paladins—led by Zelkor, a powerful
    wizard. The exact fate of these evil priests was then unknown, for
    not only did the remnants of the followers of Orcus disappear from
    all human reckoning, but so did the army of light that followed after
    them disappear as well. Some said that in the eternal scales the loss
    of so many good men was a fair price to pay to rid the world of so
    much evil.

    The evil cult, however, had not been destroyed. The surviving
    priests and their followers instead settled on a hill near the Forest
    of Hope, a sylvan woodland near the Coast Road. There they found
    a vast underground complex of caverns and mazes, carving out a
    volcanic intrusion beneath the hill. There, the priests of Orcus found
    the perfect lair to continue their vile rituals. For many years, they
    carried on in secret, hidden from the light and from the knowledge
    of men.

    Many years later, their underground delving completed, the evil
    priests erected a hideous mausoleum and a sunken graveyard atop
    the hill. It is believed that these graves are in fact the final resting
    place of the pursuing army of heroes that had been destroyed to a
    man. Soon after the mausoleum was erected the peaceful creatures
    of the wood began to disappear. Though many rangers and
    druids investigated these happenings, the cause of the creatures’
    disappearance was not immediately determined. Some years later a
    powerful group of adventurers, led by Bofred, a high priest of Thyr,
    investigated the evil happenings and found the sunken graveyard
    leading to a labyrinthine complex. Bofred and his companions
    found great hordes of evil creatures in the complex. Though some
    of his companions returned from their expedition, telling tales of
    fantastic treasure and ferocious monsters, Bofred was never seen
    again—lost in the catacombs beneath the cursed mausoleum.
    For the last one hundred years, ranks of adventurers have ventured
    to the newfound dungeon. Many fell prey to bandits and monsters
    in the surrounding wilderness. Rumors suggest that of those who
    survived to reach the mausoleum and sunken graveyard, most were
    slain by guardians of green stone or perished on the very first level.
    Those rare few who return from deeper treks speak of horrible
    undead and creatures that cannot be slain. All who have explored
    Rappan Athuk offer this one universal piece of advice: “Don’t go
    down the Well.”

    Other notes

    (1) No Templates

    (2) No Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral or True Neutral Alignments

    (3) No Evil Classes or Evil Prestige Classes

    (4) No Flaws & No Drawback

    (5) Don’t trade out racial ability for another without consulting me first and why you want to trade it out
    (If it fits with background and class… that is fine. Must have reason to trade out)

    (6) Since every race out there has basically a “Racial Weapon” I allow humans to have the racial weapon of Bastard Sword. Meaning free exotic weapon feat…to be able to use 1 or 2 handed with no penalty.

    (7) Everyone gets Knowledge: Local as an in-class skill. I think everyone should know something about the land where they got their start with. (Miscellaneous Bonus = Intelligence Modifier)

    (8) I DO ALLOW some 3rd Edition (3.5 to be more precise) spells in my game, if a caster knows of a spell from 3.5 and wants to use it in my game, run it by me first and we will see about adding it.

    (9)This be a module premade. Will alter things to keep everyone on toes

    (10) We all are guilty of “Meta-Gaming” at one point or another. Since there is no way that I can prove if anyone is or isn’t “Meta-Gaming”, we are going to go on honor system and hope you don’t. Most of us already have base idea of what most creatures are and what they are not. As well as weaknesses and strengths. BUT, On my world. Not all is as it seems. I took that into consideration when it came to creating the world. So, what you thought you did or didn’t know … who knows. Maybe fire regenerates the trolls on my world … maybe not.

    (11) Roleplay is Fun … going to try and keep it a 50% roleplay and 50% battle … somedays it will seem you do more roleplay and others you will do more battle. So, make sure to build a character who is capable of both to increase chances to survive.

    (12) When I call for a stop or “DING” … means stop what is going on. Will only do that if getting out of hand of people over-talking others or bickering.

    (13) I am using a forum to save “Game Time” for more adventure and action . I would like to see participation in Character Growth / Development and Pushing story forward. There can be awards and bonuses for doing this. Being active on the Board is a great way to share ideas and build a strong team.

    (14) Will be using “Team-Speak” during game.

    (15) I won’t have all of my world’s lore filled on the forum’s site. If there is a particular lore or a history you are wanting to know about, ask me on forums and I will provide you the information.

    (16) This game is an involved game. Will need people to show up and participate. I understand that life happens and sometimes **** hits the fan, but will need to have you give me heads up on things. Not at last minute, unless emergency. Too many “missing” games will cause me to remove you and replace you.

    I do alternate with one player to gm for a while to prevent GM fatigue and time to plan future sessions. If you are a GM yourself and want to try this group we welcome the game diversity.

    Fantasy ground and pathfinder veterans knowledge be a plus
    Availability: Tuesdays and Wednesday
    Time zone: Eastern time. GMT-5 USA
    Ultimate license user

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    MODERATOR: Moved from Pathfinder Society forum to avoid confusion as this is not a PFS organized play game.

    Hope you find some players belkasro!
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    Deepest apologies there.
    Availability: Tuesdays and Wednesday
    Time zone: Eastern time. GMT-5 USA
    Ultimate license user

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    Looks interesting, but 5pm is too early for me to commit.

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