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    Comprehensive Effects Icon extension

    Hello again, dear PFRPG users !

    Following our work on PFRPG ruleset improvements, here is our 2nd extension:

    The comprehensive Effects Icon extension ! This extension for Fantasy Grounds 3.3 (PFRPG) replaces effects icons by bigger and more comprehensive ones for Pathfinder.
    This extension is compatible with a new campaign or an existing one.

    Please check on the extension functionalities on this video:
    (Please note that even if the comments in the video and the interface show french speaking language it's of course fully functional in other languages !)

    If you're pleased, feel free to download the extension file here:

    Please do not hesitate to feedback... Errors reports and any kind of suggestions are welcome !

    Have good games,
    Markjan (CQFG Team)
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    Stupid American here does not speak French. So my feedback is: what is it?

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    It's an extension that replaces the default 3.5e effect icons that were microscopic little things. I have a similar extension and we use similar icons (noun project fascinated!) but I ended up modifying the 3.5e script to make the spacing of the effect icons 22px so you can see the full icon of each. It also means I need to manually update my 3.5 folder given it's modified state. I'm not entirely sure how to override a single variable that's used locally in a script without copying it outright and forcing a file override. In that sense Markjan's is more user friendly.

    Great stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bidmaron View Post
    Stupid American here does not speak French. So my feedback is: what is it?
    In fact, this extension works in any languages because its not containing any text, just UI modification

    PS : I'd like to thanks Trenloe for explaining me lots of thing about scripting for FG
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    Hi Bidmaron, thanks for your feed back !

    Well you're right, it could be confusing with the video... (I made a statement on that subject on post #1): The extensions are fully functionable in all languages !
    Best regards
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    This extension is no longer functioning with FG 3.3.2. Stay alert for an update soon
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    This extension has now been updated to work with FG ver 3.2.2. Feel free to use it
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    This extension does not work properly with FG 3.3.5.
    We are working on an update but for now you should stop using it.
    I'll get back as soon as the update is ready, Thank you.
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    very much looking forward to it Markjan!

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    I was wondering if you are still working on the update for the current version of fantasy grounds ? I used this in the past and really liked it

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