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    How to make an extension to buy equipment?

    Purchase of equipment as an extension ...
    I want to make an extension to coreRPG because it is the basis of everything ...
    The idea is to make an extension of purchases ...
    For example I put some items shared for the characters and then they drag the item to the inventory of the character and then it adds the weight (something that is already done), however subtracts the money from the character and adds the item, of course the item only Would be added if the character has the money ....
    But as I only have the idea and I have no programming knowledge .., this is only a desire ...

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    Already been done - see the DOE: Location Extension

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    I know this and got to know its extension that I came up with this idea ... but not something so complex ... just the "shop"
    Your extensions are wonderful!
    I'm amazed at his dedication and ability ... he wanted to know how to do 10% of what he does for the community

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    You could take a look within the locations extension. I personally modified it to remove the sci-fi elements for my PF game awhile back, only to then re-mod it to have only the sci-fi elements for my SR5e/Coriolis. Dulux's extensions are a good base line to work with.

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