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    Summoned creatures

    Hi guys

    Can anyone help with how to let a player control a summoned creature?

    What I have done so far:
    - create the summoned creature in the Combat tracker
    - allocate icon to creature
    - drag creature to battle map
    - make the creature "friendly" in Combat Tracker
    - make the creature visible on battle map

    Just can see a way to give control to the PC.

    I have seen a previous post about this. But it was for Pathfinder and didn't seem to work for RMC. Can this be done?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    Just can't see a way to give control to the PC.

    ... my bad
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    There isn't an automated way to do it but you can do it with a bit of a work around.

    First to show the Attacks/Defenses panel in the Combat Tracker for friendly combatants go to Preferences, Combat Tracker Visibility and change the No entry for the Attacks/Defenses to yes for the Green icon. Note: This will show all the PCs attacks and defenses to the other PCs unless you change all the PCs to Neutral.

    Then when the companion is attacking, as the GM roll the attack with modifiers and have the PC roll the High-Open-ended dice. Then just drag their dice total to the Roll field when you are resolving the attack. It should include all the modifiers and select the correct attack table entry.

    Second, if you want them to see the NPC sheet then drag the Link in the upper left corner to the PC. This will allow them to look at the sheet. Both the GM and the PC will need to keep it open though.

    Third, for moving them on the map, there isn't really a way to let them move the tokens but I would just have them draw a pointer to where they want the companion to move to. Note: you can hold down both mouse buttons and drag to easily make a pointer.

    Hopefully this helps.

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    Yeah... I stuffed around trying various things and had come to the conclusion that there was no inherent method in FG. I'll try the work around and see how that goes.

    Thanks for the response
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    Best way to do this is have a Character called Summon Creature, put in the base elements in it and then allow them to open up the character like they do a normal character.

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