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    LF SW DM Sat GMT timezone

    Dear Prospective DM,

    We are a group of 4 regular players, who have been playing D&D with each other for about 4 years. We've become a bit burned out on our regular campaign, which has nonetheless been going steady for those 4 years.

    We're looking for a DM to run a Savage Worlds game for us, but specifically on Saturdays, 14:00 GMT. We're all on a timezone that accomodates this time, and we would like to remain together as a group. We know this is a lot to ask for, but we do come as a solid pre-packaged gaming group. We hope this offsets the inconvenience somewhat. There's 3 weekly players, and then me, who attends every other week because of work.

    We have been tinkering with a Savage Worlds Supers game for a short while now to try and shake things up, so we are not very well versed in it, but nonetheless enjoy it greatly.

    Would you like to run for us on Saturdays, then please fire up your bat-signal. We are open to most settings, but would rather avoid epic, multi-year campaigns. We would adore you if you woudl run one-sheet adventures.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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    Hi, I've been the DM of the group for the last 4 years, and I DM'ed another group for another 3 before that so I'm looking for some time playing as a player character.
    looking forward to gaming at whichever setting is picked

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    Hi, I'm another one of the players in the group since its started, looking forward for some new systems/games to try

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    And I'm the last member of us. Hi, everyone.

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    I'd love to help you out, but this is 2 am sunday for me, so a little early.
    I do hope you find a GM though, as the more Savage being run, the better place the world will be Good luck!

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    Yeah, I know the timing is a bit of a pain in the behind, but Sunday is a workday for half of the group.

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    I like the idea of a group who are already established and know each other well, so I'd love to run something for you. I will probably be a case of seeing whether my gm style suits your group - everyone plays the game differently (I see this as a feature and not a criticism).

    When is the next Saturday that all four of you are available?
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    Hi Skellan, thanks for your interest!

    It would be the four of us on Saturday 24th June. The 17th I have to work, the the other three usually get together.
    If you have a preference for running something, feel free to let us know. At one point we were discussing just playing an online game of Monopoly together, so anything more roleplay-y than tic-tac-toe would probably be ok. I personally have a preference for horror and the supernatural, but the other usually enjoy something with more humor.

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    Great. I usually run dark/horror fantasy with a generous helping of humour, so we should get along.

    If you'd like me to run something, it would be savage worlds. I am open to suggestions for the setting as I'd want to do something you'll all enjoy. I do have a busy gaming schedule so it will ideally need to be something that I can prep easily. How would you feel about playing my savaged version of the Pathfinder's Inner sea? I have a ton of material for it and lots of scenarios if you are looking for one sheets.

    I don't do epic, years long campaigns. When I do longer campaigns I break them up into seasons.
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    I don't have a firm preference for a setting, but I woulld have to get a setting book for it. I currently only have Solomon Kain and Rippers. I have no experience with Pathfinder's world, but I'm ok with playing a yokel who hasn't ventured outside his own town to make up for that. My top three I'm most curious about is probably 1. Any "regular" SW one-sheet 2. East Texas University, 3. Rippers. Perhaps it would be easier if the others chimed in here with what they like.

    I have no problem with setting up a gift on steam or peginc's store for adventures, rulesets or pdfs.

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