Hello, I am looking for a group to casually play, weekly preferred (Though I wouldn't say no to monthly/one shot). Might be unavailable for a large part of July though (just finished Uni and have responsibilities during that month).

I currently use skype for voice but am open to other methods of chatting (no problem with no voice chatting too).

I have bought the standard version of FG and many class modules so I could have a pc ready any time.
I can play any class/race etc. Have played 3,5 and 5E in the past. Mostly DMed, haven't played since this September so I might need a little refreshening. It's also my first time looking for a group of strangers, have only played with personal friends before.

I like to play any type of rpg (roleplay, combat heavy etc). I have no problem with "always in-character" groups or more casuall groups, anything is fine with me.

If you have any questions respond or pm me and I'll be happy to discuss anything.