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    LFP 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Homebrew

    Ever had interest in trying the controversial 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons? Now's your chance to get into a 50/50 roleplay/combat game of 4th edition starting from 1st level in a homebrew world that YOU can truly be involved in the creation of.
    My homebrew worlds are not my precious sandcastles that you run around in, they're fluid dynamic worlds where I'll say to YOU "so who is the king of these lands, and how do you know them?". Truly a collaborative worldbuilding exercise, played using a robust and exciting game system that offers fantastic character customisation, and endless tactical depth.
    My games are a mix of serious roleplaying, fun banter and hilarious awesome antics. I have a wide range of table rules, some house rules for the game and some rules for general housekeeping.

    If you read the following and feel like it'd be a good fit (new players to 4e absolutely welcome!) then drop a message or a PM and we'll go from there.
    I also advertise for this on Reddit/LFG and on my own Discord Channel so while it may appear to be slots, be aware it may fill quickly.

    Setting: This campaign will begin in a typical Faerun-like setting, but will end up wherever the players adventuring takes them. Plenty of plot hooks, side quests, or whatever takes your fancy will be available (my other game of this currently has the group casting aside the chase of wizards and their items for the chance to run their own inn in a town inundated with taverns and inns). Want to explore the other Planes? Want to travel to the Underdark? Want to open a portal to the blasted sands of Athas? We'll find a way... there's always a way.

    Table Rules: These rules are not system specific, but general expectations for all players (including myself) that are playing in my games. Most of these are things you'd think don't need to be said, but I'd prefer it's said now so as to avoid any conflicts later on.
    I swear. A lot: I do not use racially or gender-charge swear words, but I use f/s/a-bombs a lot. If you do not like swearing, or if you are sub-18 years, this is not the game for you.
    No being an arsehole: This is fairly self explanatory, but in case you aren't sure, this means I do not welcome players who's only goal is to disrupt the fun of the other players. I don't expressly ban inter-party conflict, but if it becomes the typical "I'm a rogue, my CHARACTER would steal all the **** from everyone" then I'ma kick it in the arse. This is a game about parties working together. You can be a thief while not stealing from the co-players in the same game.
    No bigotry: No racism, no sexism, no dwarfism. No excuses. This simply will not stand. If you are the sort of person that harbors shitty opinions and can't hold your tongue for 4 hours at a time, then you need not apply.
    No rape, no sexual roleplay: These are all things that "happen in the real world" or "would likely happen in this situation" but are not things I play RPGs to take part in. Romance and sex are not banned, but we are not going to spend 5-6 peoples time waiting for Larry the Cabal Guide to roll seduction and tell everyone how he fondles the busty barmaid. Any such situation that these events occur will be "curtain drops, you do the activity, go to next scene". The exception to this is rape and similar topics. This will not be in the game at all, not implied nor performed.
    Evil characters are allowed: As this says, I allow alignment of any type. BUT keep in mind, if you dont have a reason to be going along with this party other than "I can kill them huehuehue" then the party will likely feel the same, kill you, and you'll be rerolling character. It's your prerogative to decide why your evil necromancer is tagging along with whoever else the party is made up of.
    Utilise chat channels: This is an odd one, but it does wonders to cut down on voice clutter when people are trying to talk/discuss things pertinent to the current scene, but someone else has a question/comment/addition that doesn't warrant interruption. Use the Fantasy Grounds chat, use Discord chat, use PMs. Your character want to do something funny while Barry the Tongue is talking? use FG emote, you wanna ask the GM or another player something while there is tense exposition going on? /whisper. You wanna throw out some random rule clarification 10 minutes after an event but dont want to rehash it over voice? /ooc. There are great tools here that keep things flowing smoothly. Use them!

    Game specific Rules: These are the house rules that I run my campaign with, specific to the 4th edition DnD system
    Feat Tax: Each player gains one free expertise and one free defense bolstering feat of that player's choice. The defense feat chosen must permanently and unconditionally increase at least one defense. An expertise feat gained in this way may only be retrained into another expertise feat. A defense bolstering feat gained in this way may only be retrained into another defense bolstering feat as defined here.
    All official content is welcome: As it says on the box. If it was officially released, you can play it.
    Basic bolt and arrow ammo isn't tracked. Currency weight isn't tracked, nor are currency denominations except where necessary. Players are always assumed to have adequate basic ammo (bolts and arrows), food and water unless in situations where these essentials are scarce at which point it's up to the DM to decide what rations the PCs have unless they've undertaken especial efforts to stock sustenance.

    Session Zero
    The first session will be a session zero, and will act as character creation/review, introductions, and if time permits, a start to the party forming up. This is the chance that everyone can lay down what they hope to get out of this game, what sort of feeling we want to evoke with the campaign. It's also a chance to make sure everyone is happy with the group, as there is always the chance my accent/voice is not something you want to listen to. Or Barry the Tongue is not someone you could see getting on with as a player, with a free opt-out, no strings attached.

    Platform: This will be run on Fantasy Grounds, I have the ultimate license so free license player can join at no cost.
    Voice: We use Discord for voice chat.
    Stream: This game will be streamed on Twitch and recorded as a VOD for youtube. If you do not want your voice on the interwebs, do not apply. NOTE: No camera required. I don't use one, and neither do you need to.
    Time/Date: Sunday 6pm NZT - 10pm NZT. May sometimes run 1 extra hour, but hard finish 11pm latest. Please ensure you have checked what day and time this is for your own timezone, as it may be your saturday.

    Any questions, shoot them my way. If you want an idea of my games, check out my youtube link to Zeitgeist (4e) below, or my finished 5e games (do note, the 5e games are years long and begin at the start of my DM-career, more accurate would be the later episodes).
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    can u post a calendar link for time zone conversion?

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    Here you go, this should help

    Do note I will NOT be using the calendar for counting players/days and times. That will be organised on my Discord
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    Blast, that's 1AM my time. Afraid I can't do that - got a schedule to keep due to rwj. I wish you luck in finding players, though.
    Favored Edition: 4e, The jRPG of D&D systems.
    May the winds bring you prosperity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WitchRolina View Post
    Blast, that's 1AM my time. Afraid I can't do that - got a schedule to keep due to rwj. I wish you luck in finding players, though.
    Thats understandable. I'm hoping someone doesn't mind staying up late on a saturday to join, or grabbing us rare AU/NZ players

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    Currently at 4 players. Room for 1-2 more! Session 0 is this weekend.

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    I'm open and available. The time zone difference won't be an issue. Back in my MMORPG days, I kept strange hours and typically played with the AUS/NZ crowd.

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    Actually scratch that, that time zone puts it at 11pm Saturday for me. I'll be at work.
    Sessions Running
    All currently on hold with the world going crazy. Doing random one shots.

    Youtube Channel

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    I would like to join if there is a spot but I'm not sure how long I can be on as it will be at 2am my time

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