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    Looks great! Well done - hope to make us of it sometime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by presence View Post
    Excuse my ignorance. Where do the CTOptions.jpg and RealmRunner.xml files go? I assumed the second is the char sheet? The first is maybe a table that shows up somewhere?
    The Option jpeg is just an example of what options you should change on the Combat Tracker Options menu to enable 5 columns to show, by default it only shows 3 so I made that to help. The .xml is an example charsheet as you have correctly assumed. You can load it and it will show you how to make other characters with the formulas to launch all different custom rolls from the charsheet. I should warn you that it is not as easy as Plug&Play. If something doesn't make sense just roll dice and use bonus table manually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Looks great! Well done - hope to make us of it sometime soon.
    I will test it next week during my gaming session and will report how it went. We have played 2 sessions with most of the changes already and looks good. First session I found I needed a new Up Roll as I got several Up Drama Cards during gameplay... next session there were no use of Up at all so I got lots of regular /torg rolls and it was slow to add modifiers so I added this time the add feature. Also during Combat it got really difficult to manage several different opponents without the 5 columns CT (on first session there was only one single oponent). So I keep adding features to a minimum to play with some help from MoreCore. Next session we want to test Card Hand sharing somehow but it is not really a must have feature just a bonus.
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    Even if you don't understand Spanish there is here the gameplay of my second session, you can skip the dialog but watch how the TORG Morecore ruleset works from the players perspective (not all the updates were present on that revision):

    Third session in Aysle now using the new rolls and card sharing worked! Will try to improve it:
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    All testing is looking good now. Remaining details are the card hand sharing and we have some ideas now... it is a pity that you cannot assign a token to an image instead of showing a pin when you drop that on the map. That would make perfect sense for cards. Lets hope FGU allows more options for images.
    Our idea is to share a card hand image of each player made public so players can drop Destiny Card Tokens inside and show cards on hand versus pool and share those.

    Our gameplay will stop until September but we are very happy right now with the MoreCore Extension. If anyone needs help with it just ask.
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    Are you able to share the extension?

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Are you able to share the extension?
    Hi Damned, I did on a post here:

    The only issue is that I cannot share the custom tokens as cards or the card tables for each deck. Those are copyrighted by Ulisses Spiele, if you bought the TORG Eternity Drama Deck you can use the single card pdf file to extract the card images and create your own .mod. If anyone needs help on how to do it and create tokens for the cards let me know.

    For example they sell the TORG Drama Deck on Roll20 maybe you can also get it from there and extract the cards:

    Wish we could sell something similar in Fantasy Grounds but we know the Card Deck functionality on FG Classic is lacking and I think FGU won't change that soon enough... I have only seen the Savage Worlds Adventure Deck on FG and its really cool but only works on the Savage Worlds Ruleset and it is very inneficient (it needs each card 3 times with different resolutions to move and show on different situations like chat, desktop, charsheet, and image). It would help if there was something similar to all rulesets.

    I will in any case probably test it on next session and if it works I will post more info on how to share cards with tokens and will provide a .mod to help with all the images that are not copyrighted to help do it. The current .ext on the linked post already has the functionality on the charsheet to work with images inside the second MoreCore tab of the charsheet, it is as easy as to create a tablemat with the cards and make it public so rest of the players can check your hand and pool and later share swaping cards.
    Only limitation that we found with tokens is that you need to first drop the token on the desktop and from there you can move it to a different player. Hope this helps!

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    I have made a first tutorial to this extension, problem is that it is in spanish. But you can see the functionality on the screen with the MoreCore UI. You can skip to 2 minutes 33 sec.

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