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    LFP, Priest, Monk-Priest, Cleric, Healer... 9:00 AM, PST... tomorrow~!

    3rd session game, looking for a healer support class. Starting tomorrow, 9:00

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    There is a big festival (Greengrass) rapidly approaching the Silverymoon area and security, protection, and help are needed!

    Style: Fantasy 99%, Tech 1%
    Ratio/ Balance 66% Gaming, 40% Role-play
    Worlds :Forgotten Realms- Sword Coast Regions
    Rule-sets: 5e SRD, 5e Core, 3rd Party or custom rules or adding must be discussed. Please no home-brew stuff for now.

    Chat Client: Discord My username: AnAindie!#7210
    Fantasy Grounds 3.3.0

    Characters must be approved by DM initially.
    Starting levels 1-3. Make a backup PC, or a henchman if it makes sense.
    Gaming goals: Twice Per month. Saturday or Sunday
    Game lengths might be: 2-4 hours per session.

    My experience is with 1st Edition to present as a DM.

    Disclaimer: *I am NOT out to kill PC's , eliminate certain gamer types, meta-game or over-analyze the game mechanics. Will drop players if too rude, or disruptive.*


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    i would be interested in playing a life cleric, please message me with more details.

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    We are into session #4, our priest was similar, except that he had to drop out due to scheduling. We are in the Silverymoon region. The party is now heading towards the west along the Rauvin river towards Highhold. You start at 3rd level. Get with me on Discord for more 'deets'. We definitely have room for you. We are down from 8 players to 4-6.

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    i am not familiar with discord,its saying you have to add me or am i missing something?

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    nvm I just realized it's 5e disregard me plos and tanks
    Mph? Naw a bwofoffi?* (Translation: Huh? Not a broccoli?) {Source}

    To state key information:
    Steam user of the Full $100+ Fantasy Grounds product.
    Loves the orison Acid Splash.

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