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    Bundle of holding - shadow of the demon lord

    Great deal going on for a bunch of stuff.

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    I picked this up, despite my natural predilection against generic fantasy settings. Pretty pleased with what I've read so far. I know I've seen mention of some of the SotDL stuff being built for FG, probably as addons for Core/Morecore. Anyone know where the recent versions are? I checked the wiki, didn't see anything.

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    FYI, this bundle has been re-activated and it looks like there are some new bundle offerings for SotDL for anyone interested. Its active for another 19 days...
    Live stream:
    Youtube replays of fg sessions and tutorials:

    Free stuff:
    D&D5e FAQ module for fg:
    FG 5e Module Conversions:
    Map Maker Conversion:
    Roll Player Conversion:
    Rangers of Shadow Deep Conversion:

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