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    LFG Weeknights EST US for 5e

    FG License: Paid
    Time Zone: Eastern (US) (GMT -4)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Free most evenings, anywhere from 7 Eastern on
    Term: Long term or a module would be good
    Voice: I can do voicechat

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: A handful or so sessions, so I'm somewhat familiar with 5e
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Somewhat new to FG. I've played it before, but jumping into it after a long hiatus, so I'm pretty rusty

    Character Type Preferred: I like playing melee based characters, as well as arcane casters. I don't hate any class, and am willing to go with what's needed (I know, I know, everyone says this)
    About me: Retired dad, 42 years old, married for 20 years, and looking to jump back in now that I have more free time on my hands. I've been playing tabletops since '90ish, mostly off than on though. Played a number of different systems, and am quite familiar with previous editions, except for 4e (only ever played a single session of it). I have the core rules of 5e pretty well, I think, but am inexperienced with books other than the PH (Volo's, SCAG, etc.).

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    Can you DM? I am new to FG. I have played some 5e and have tried DMing, but I still need a lot of work at it. I am in a similar situation as you - 43, kids, need to play during the week after 8 or so.

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    Im "older" and would like to play after work during the week as well ....Im CST Im newer to D&D5E currently playing a roll20 weekend game...since I mainly DM'd in the past would like to try in Fantasy Grounds as a DM.

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    We are launching a new pathfinder (very much like AD&D 3.5 edition) campaign and looking for players. It's a Friday evening game so if interested visit this LINK

    We're all mature players (I'm 49) and Rogue is 40'ish something-or-ruther as well. We will be Co-DM'ing this campaign too support its continuity happening once a week.

    Ultimate License Owner
    Member: THAC0 group

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    I can DM I can get the Ultimate FG and Hoard of the Dragon Queen its 1st to 5th level campaign.

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    I'm 49 and recently started playing 5e after a long hiatus also. I'm available to play Sunday nights through Thursday nights. I'm pretty familiar and comfortable with 5e and have played a few games in Fantasy Grounds so I'm pretty comfortable with it too. I really like the idea of a group of players near my age. Pleae count me in when you're ready to start.

    I have FG Ultimate License and would love to take a turn at DMing once I've gotten a little more familiar with FG.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    I hope you don't mind, I created a calendar entry and sent each of you an invitation, just so we can get an idea of who's confirmed in and how many we have. And ultimately it can be used to schedule games and get confirmations of who can attend on specific dates and times.

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    Im not that great at Fantasy Grounds either ... but i enjoy DM/GM more then playing I play in a Roll20 D&D5E on Saturday night and sometimes Pathfinder at the local Games shop. Maybe an everyother week Campaign DM switching im cool with that. I started a Discord Voice/Chat for this event. At work now...will post it after I get home night.

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    Also CST. Available to start after 6:00PM. I have Ultimate and HoDQ. I don't know if it will let another DM use my stuff or not, but if it does, there ya go. I am not wanting to DM. I tried before and it went alright, but I want more time as a player before I try my hand at it again. I applied in the calendar. I am available to start next week. Strongly prefer Wednesdays, but other evenings might be possible.

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: Central (US) (GMT -6)
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Wednesdays after 6:00PM
    Term: Long term or a module would be good
    Voice: I can do voicechat

    Game System Preferred: 5e
    Game System Experience: Played a few games and DMed one. All 5E
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: DMed a campaign once (3 months), played a few other long term games.

    Character Type Preferred: I've enjoyed bards and druids, but looking to branch out a little more in this one.
    About me: Young professional, gamer, crafter, and recently a cosplayer. I have a long history of playing WhiteWolf games, but in the last couple years started playing D&D more.
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