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    Connection of laptops at the gaming table

    Does anyone know how i make a home network to use FG at the gaming table.Which is the procedure?What else i will need?Is a full license enough or i must have and a lite licence for each player using the program?

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    you are going to need 1 full liscense for the DM and a lite liscense or full for each of the other systems connected to the game. You will also need a network cable (unless your using a wireless network) for each of the computers and a router to connect each system to.

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    I plan to use one laptop for the GM and a laptop for all the players.Is the router necessery?How i will make the home network on windows XP?Help!

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    yeah a router would be necessery. And wiht XP all you would have to do is connect all of them to the router. Then you should just have to start up each of the systems and give all of the player computers the ip for the DM system.

    Im not a networking guru though so if someone else knows a better way of doing this, or something I missed, im sure they will post soon.

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    Oh, I answered on the other post. Oh well... I get another chance to increase my post count!

    Well, if you're only going to use two computers and if those computers have integrated NIC:s, then all you need to do is to set fixed IP:s on the NIC:s and hook them together with a crossover cable. So, having a router isn't necessary as such, but it has some benefits, because then you'd be able to access the Internet as well.
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    Dang, I answered the other post too!

    You could probably get away with just a cheap hub and run wires from everyone to it. But everyone would have to be on the same network, which would mean going in and changing the IP address of each system to something like 192.168.10.something.

    A router should not be nessisary as long as you change the ip's.


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