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    LFG 1 Player LF Game to jump in on this weekend 5/13 CST US Time Zone (Anytime) 5e

    Paid License
    Central Time USA

    I'm a new player and am on a couple of campaigns which have yet to start running. I would love to jump in on a one shot or maybe pick-up a character you have available to join in on your game. I'm looking for something I can jump in on this evening as my Saturday evening is free.

    Game System Preferred: D&D - any version
    Game System Experience: Some D&D
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Fast learner with some experience.

    Voicechat capable.

    Character Type Preferred: I'm new to D&D but familiar with fantasy rpg. I don't have a preference on character type at this time. I am welcoming any opportunity to learn a new class or race. Let me know what gaps you have in your group, if any. I am most familiar with the Druid class, but expand my knowledge daily.

    About me: I'm excited about this game. I like the concept, and as I learn more my enthusiasm grows. I have yet to actually get to play a real game of D&D as a player character. I have sat in on several play-throughs on FG, and simply can't wait for these campaigns I've joined to start running. I'm a pc and consule gamer who loves the freedom and versatility of tabletop gaming. I don't necessarily create characters who I identify with or are a semblance of myself. I like creating interesting people who I would want to spend time with on the adventure trail.

    I'm definitely interested in finding a regular game for those DMs who are looking for new players. If anyone has a game that needs a player right now I am in, just message me.

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    I am looking to get a new campaign started, and unfortunately a couple of people fell through. Would anyone be interested in joining a fresh homebrew campaign on Fantasy Grounds and teamspeak? We are planning on having a weekly session on Thursdays from around 5:30pm CST to around 9:30 CST. We would really like to start session 1 around 5 or 6pm cst today. Looking for 2 players, and we have a ranger, rogue, and bard. If this isnt the right place to post this sorry. Respond or PM me. I am looking for someone who can make the Thursday session every week.

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